I’m new to the DC area. Is it better for me to rent or to buy a home?

Historically, homeownership has been a major impetus to wealth building.  Due to record setting interest rates and the array of financial packages currently available, buying a home can be a wise investment strategy.  Homeownership also provides a level of comfort and a sense of well being.  That kind of security is priceless for individuals in general and for families in particular.

In your opinion, why is this an exciting time to buy a home in the DC metropolitan area?

Every year for the past three decades, thousands of newcomers have relocated to the metro area, making DC one of the nation’s most transient communities. As a political, commercial, and transportation center, the metro area boasts an array of cultural and employment opportunities for people of all ages, professions and income levels.  That being so, the future of the region is brighter than ever, making this a great place to buy a home.

Why is it beneficial for me to sell my home in the DC area?

Again, favorable interest rates and attractive financial packages are enabling homeowners to maximize the value of their investment in real estate like no other time in recent history.  So this an ideal time to sell property in the metro area.

What are the most important considerations in buying a home?

Whenever a family is searching for their dream home, there needs to be a great deal of consideration for their financial situation, as well as dialogue about the desired size of the home, its location, and the family’s educational needs. Consequently, prior to showing a client a single home I conduct a thorough analysis of the potential buyer’s living needs. By identifying such concerns as the family’s desired location, the home’s proximity to excellent schools, as well as a reasonable range for the commute to work, I am able to determine which considerations each client deems the most important to their home purchase. Only then do I encourage my clients to consider things such as amenities and I tailor their home search accordingly.

What are the most important things to be done to bring your home to market at the greatest value?


Why is Gold Service the premier real estate solution for today’s home seller or home buyer?hen selling a property, it is imperative that you look at the home through the eyes of a potential buyer to ensure that the home is made ready to market.  Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression! I walk each of my clients through a proven checklist prior to putting their property on the market.

The aim of the Gold Service program is to ensure the total satisfaction of as many potential customers as possible.  The program’s superior service was one of the things that most attracted me to Weichert.  People have so many different financial situations, and through the Gold Service program I have an opportunity to help many different people meet their housing needs.


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