Every spring, daylight savings time gives us an extra hour of light in the evening. Here are some home maintenance tips that you can use while enjoying that extra spring sunshine.

Repair the Ravages of Winter

Prune your trees and shrubs.

Head to the shed and do a “tool inventory” to make sure you have all the items you’ll need in the months ahead. Inspect the tools you already have. For example, test your hoses for leaks.

Spring is a good time to paint fences and the exterior of your home, especially wood surfaces. This way, they will be protected from summer heat and sun. Wood decks should also be sealed once a year.

Since roofing shingles are brittle in winter, they may break if you handle or walk on them. This makes spring a good time to do an inspection. Look for loose or curling shingles.

Now that the heating season is over, have a chimney sweep clean any fireplaces and flues.

Inspect door and window screens for tears. You can often repair small tears using a kit from your local hardware store. This will prevent insects from getting into your home, and keep you comfortable on the screened porch.

Clean your gutters.

Beautify the Outside of Your Home

Before you buy seedlings, make notes about where you would like to plant flowers and how much shade and sun these areas receive. This will help you determine which flowers are appropriate for which areas.

After any planting, be sure to water and mulch properly.

Consider planting flowers in hanging baskets if your garden space is limited.

If you have bare patches in your lawn, prepare these areas for seed or sod. To care for your new and existing grass, be sure to water properly.


Before cleaning gutters or climbing onto your roof, make sure your ladder is in good shape.

Reacquaint yourself with lawnmower safety tips and inspect all electrical lawn and garden tools.

If you haven’t used your circular power saw since last summer, review the operations manual and safety tips before you begin cutting.

Source: Federal Citizen Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration.